Waipa Studio
Waipa Studio
Photography & Web Design for Hotels

Photography and Web Design for Hotels




Interior Photography

We provide stunning photography through a variety of interior and exterior shots, selecting the right composition, lighting, and styling which helps to showcase your space in a more impactful way.


Lifestyle Photography

Clearly communicating the services and experiences you offer your guests is crucial. We make sure to capture a whole range of images from intimate details to candid moments to share on your website and social media channels.


Food Photography

We create unique images to make your restaurant’s signature dishes and drinks stand out from the crowd, producing close-up shots of the food and wide compositions to show the design of the space.


Web Design

Guests are attracted to hotels that look great online. At Waipa, our aim is to create a modern website for you where beautiful photography and design are approached holistically. This will not only improve your online reputation and show the value of your hotel but will also help you to increase your bookings.


About us.

We’re Agus & Wiki. Agus is a sharp-eyed photographer, and Wiki is an experienced web designer. As a duo we enjoy travel, spending time in nature, and staying in beautiful places.

For the past 8 years, we have worked with the most talented people in the San Francisco Bay Area, at companies as diverse as Lemon Wallet, Xapo, and Airbnb.

After a year traveling around the world, we decided to combine our talents and create Waipa. Our goal is to revamp outdated hotel websites with the latest technology and beautiful photography to help them get more bookings.




I've had the opportunity to work with Agus for the past 5 years for different team photos in several different businesses. She's just an all-around great person to work with. She's patient and professional and manages to coax amazing pictures out of even the most unwilling of subjects.

Cindy McAdam


Wiki is an incredibly talented designer that not only delivers his work on time but also exceeds your expectations providing multiple options and being proactive when it comes to suggesting new ideas. It's been a pleasure to work with Wiki and I'd love to have him working with us on every project.

Ariel Camus


Agus is an excellent professional. We’ve hired her more than once. She not only has an excellent final product, but the whole work process makes it super relaxed and enjoyable. She really manages to get the best of one person and moment to immortalize it in an incredible snapshot.

Agustín Linenberg